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Logo design requires more than artistic talent to create an emblem or brand that will attract the attention of the market. Just as in any artistic area, effective logo design follows five basic principles that every graphic designer should know. These principles can serve as criteria for assessing whether the design effectively transmits the message to the target audience.

Logos should be simple and easily recognizable.
An effective logo design puts elements together in a simple setting that is easily recognizable to anyone who sees it. The sign should be easily identified for people from different cultures or cities. The design elements cross the boundaries of geography, culture, age and educational background.

Logos should be clear and clear.
Apart from simplicity, an effective design should be unique and give a clear message to the target audience. The overall design should be easily memorable for anyone who sees it. For many elements, one can measure the design and produce visual sound that blocks the marketing message the logo is trying to convey.

Logos should be timeless.
Another measure of efficiency is the length of time for a brand that appeals to the flavors of future generations. As long as the brand follows the rules of simplicity, distinctiveness and clarity, the logo will survive other epochs. For example, the logos for Chanel, Mercedes-Benz, Nike and Shell did not change much over the years. Their classic designs continue to appeal to generations of consumers.

Logos should be versatile.
Logo design uses vector art more than photography because of scales and applicability problems. Logos created with high performance image management software scale to a smaller size without destroying the logo design. However, the use of photographs causes problems with pixelated and oblique images. Thus, all logos use vector graphics to create images.

An effective logo design should also be a factor in how images are transferred from one media to another. A good logo created in vector format can be used for websites and for marketing and packaging. The colors used should not be changed in shade when displayed on a website and on a poster or streamer in public.

Logos should be suitable for their intended audience.
Logos should talk to their intended audience. The type of font, the vector degrees, and the colors used should match the demographics of the product's target market. The significance shall be immediately apparent to the intended target group of the logo. For example, sports logos often involve explosive motion, which reflects athleticism. In another example, children's products use bright colors and fun fonts to appeal to children.

Generally, the type of content of a logo does not necessarily convey the actual products being sold or the services of a company or company. A restaurant logo does not need to include food or a program logo does not need to use an image on a computer or laptop to let people know what it is. For example, Apple uses in its logo image of an apple, which someone obviously has prayed in a corner.